Day Three

The day had some pre-decided agendas. On arrival, the CEO himself called. Was introduced to The Director responsible for the division I am working for. It was a courtesy call and pleasantries were exchanged. Was offered tea and I added very less milk to it, so had to drink a dark brown tea. Did not finish the cup when we left the Director’s cabin.

The meeting with the CEO had no surprises as expected. As usual, he never comes to the point straight. Despite my conscious effort not to judge him, I failed. He is not conceptually sound, and is not having any strategic approach. His persuasive talk in dissuading me not to interfere in the factory based sales manager’s work did not interest me much. I just put on a mask and refused to react to anything. He continued to irritate me when he tried to suggest that no new mobile phone will be given to me. I reiterated somewhat nicely (concealing my irritation) that I am expecting a black berry phone.  This prompted him to erupt like a volcano; ridiculous, illogical, vague and diversionary arguments flowed out. I had neither inclination nor passion to reply him back, so just came out of the room.

The laptop was finally released to me. As expected, it was a used machine. The previous user must have shown all his pent-up frustrations on the poor laptop….. the edges had become completely dis-coloured and the alphabet V was missing. N and F are to be pressed with lot of passion. The battery has attained old age and gets depleted of its energy in no time. Interestingly, like the laptop, the software used are also a bit stale….still using IE version 6! Fortunate that software does not have a shelf life.

The meeting with the stockist was ok. The father and son-duo that I met with came across as nice and pleasing guys.

“Delusion arises from Anger” says the Bhagavad Gita. Good that I remember it throughout the day today, otherwise I would have lost my cool and shown my anger on the laptop, like my predecessor…


  1. suresh says:

    Lovely … the writing keeps improving with every day.. keep it up

  2. hemgan says:

    Thanks bro. pls keep reading. Look forward to your critical comments to improve.

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