Day Two

Just staring at the roof…. that’s what I was doing since morning.  Well, I went through a few papers; files given to me were empty. Few folders contained some random communications, weren’t useful.

 What I need to be doing – gathering information and the  people I  need to be interacting with are all at the factory. So ideally my work will start only on visiting the factory and spending some time there.

 The CEO was out of office practically the whole day. Around 3 pm, I was told that he reached office. No Lap Top yet. What’s the CEO waiting for ? Christmas? I am looking forward to my next interaction with him, albeit im not sure it’s going to be useful. But the journey has to begin somewhere.

 My predecessor seems to have been very distracted, atleast that’s what the papers suggest. While his theoretical plans ( as presented in the paper) give a view of him as an intelligent person, but I guess he must have struggled to implement his plans. Although the CEO once mentioned that the predecessor was asked to go. I still wonder why. This morning I was having a conversation with a colleague in logistics who mentioned that the predecessor went on his own accord. The predecessor seemed to have tried to take the company on a new track – Fresh Fruits and vegetables. My presumption is that he might not have got much support from the Higher-ups. Whatever it is, the fact is that at present I do not have any updates on various opportunities he was pursuing then.

 In the afternoon, I had a meeting with one of the colleagues who works in the financial department. He was also reiterating that all sales related communications are happening from the factory. On day two, I am beginning to digest this reality wherein all existing clients will be handled by a colleague in the factory and I shall be toiling to add all new clients to the existing basket. I am always destined to create new customers only and not previleged to handle the existing ones. In all my previous organisation too, this has been the case.  (Welcome Aboard! Says my mind)

 The current year seems to be a year of Uncertainty for me. Since January this year, I am on a roller-coaster drive – starting from choosing which job opportunity to pursue to whether I would be retained or relieved by the previous organization…, what to expect from the new position. New age gurus tell us that there is wisdom in experiencing uncertainty. Let me find out soon if this is true!


  1. Geetha Rangarajan says:

    Look beyond the roof and stare at the sky! There are lot of things out there still to be discovered. Uncertainity is only a phase which will soon wear out as time passes.

  2. hemgan says:

    Hi, thanks for reading my blog. Pls keep reading.

  3. priya devarajan says:

    nicely narrated regarding uncertainities. As time flies,we will find how remarkably we have responded to the situation.

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