My Worries

No Worries @ Fig Jam Studio
No Worries @ Fig Jam Studio

( My daughter Puja Ganesh is thirteen years old. I have heard her mom telling that Puja is trying to write poems, but never once poems were shown to me. Puja is very inventive of finding odd places to hide her little copy in which she scribbles. This evening, I read the above lines in my iPad…perhaps she forgot that I will see it….or may be she wanted me to read it this time!? )

My worries

Years have passed, so quickly,
I don’t even remember, when I was three.
Imagining about the future years to come,
Panicky and frustrated, I become.
The age of maturity has touched me,
But still the idea of mere future has not occurred to me.
Will I be musician or a doctor,
an artist or a dancer?
But someone has said not to worry about the future
All I need, is to plan and be happy about the present.

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