The Laptop Story

Things do change constantly, although it may seem that there is hardly any change. Drastic changes happen very rarely. But gradual, unnoticeable changes do keep occurring. We need to own superior perceptive skills to study the patterns to really notice the changes.


Year back when I started working for this company, I had nagged so much about getting a used, dilapidated laptop for my official use. It was a dinosaur. When I made noises about it, the company permitted me to make some repairs. Although some minor repairs were carried out, I was working on the laptop grudgingly.

Subsequently, when I saw my colleagues (including B) working on older PCs, I mellowed down a bit and stopped cribbing about using the laptop given to me.

Many years ago, I had come across following lines of anonymous author being quoted in one of the books of Dale Carnegie :-

I had Blues
Because I had no shoes
until I met a man in the street
who had no feet.

After 2-3 months of using the laptop, the TFT screen started showing a white line, signifying the imminent collapse of the monitor. I chose to ignore it and continued to use the machine without grumbling.


In the last couple of weeks, the business was developing quite nicely. I booked two strategic businesses – with the colour extracting company and the instant noodle company. Finalising both these businesses brought a lot of joy to me – not just because I overcome a long stint of rough weather, but also because I could employ the valuable insights on deal making which I gathered during my long, unsuccessful times.

I have now started expending my energies now on executing these two businesses without any hitch. Booking the business is only a half-victory; the success will be savoured fully only after successful implementation.


of late, insertion of the network cord in to my laptop was becoming  a task. For a week or so, I had struggled for 20-30 mts to fix the chord. One day, I gave up trying to insert the chord. I inserted portable mobile internet card instead. Using mobile internet card on a daily basis may not be economical and the next bill will show myself using the Data Card during office hours.

I approached the IT guys to resolve the problem.


IT Manager spoke to me – “This is going to be expensive to repair it. To correct the network chord slot, we need to change the entire mother board. Your TFT monitor is well on the way to become dysfunctional. Replacing monitor also will cost a bomb. It is better to order a new lap top which will come at the same cost of repairing. I am sending a note to you on this.”

CEO surprisingly approved the budget for new laptop immediately. As I am writing this, the order for new laptop may have been placed by now.


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  1. Rangarajan says:

    Wow Sir! Congratulations..

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