Director Calling

The tea-drinking Director called me one-day. It was a surprise. He usually does not interact with me directly. The few times that I had met with him were always in the company of CEO.

The CEO and the Director had returned from a month-long overseas trip. Immediately on return, the CEO took a vacation and proceeded to Mumbai to be with his family. It was during this time that the director summoned me.

After discussing about the business opportunities that I am working on, the Director asked me suddenly – “How do you rate the CEO?”. The question came unannounced. I did not know what to answer. The CEO have always given the impression that he shares a close relationship with the Director. I have also noticed on more than one occasion that the CEO consults the Director on virtually every matter, however tiny it is.

I gave a measured response to the Director – “He is the boss. It is for the boss to judge the subordinate, not the other way round”. The Director smiled.

He then said to me “I read all your mails which are blind copied to me (I have been doing this frequently!) and I am aware of the blocks you face, especially in the form of either no response or late response or wrong response from your colleagues in the factory” I smiled, but remained silent.

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