Day 22 – CEO’s war and love

While I was contemplating on what can be done to clear the stocks as was asked to by VP, he was very prompt to send me a reminder early this morning– “any developments? Pl inform asap.” I replied nonchalantly to VP – “No developments so far. Shall inform you as and when things develop”.

Is he trying to push me to a corner? What are the benefits for him to be nasty with me?

I always sensed that there is cold war between CEO and VP. While both do not know what each of their role is, they want to finish off each other for unknown reasons.

Had a casual chat with Ms.H who is the secretary for the CEO.  She narrated what happened a few days back.  The CEO had asked one of the HR assistants to find a suitable candidate to replace the VP. CEO naïvely believed that the petite HR assistant will find the candidate and come to him directly without discussing anything with her own boss. But the girl directly went to HR head and presented the papers. HR head as per the HR procedure sent the paper to the Divisional Director (with whom I had tea earlier!). The Director had no clue about why replacement is being sought for VP and asked the CEO – “what is happening?” who must have felt embarrassed and muttered sorry. CEO then vented out all his anger on the HR assistant and tore up the papers.

The HR assistant is a dear friend of M, the girl who does export documentation in the division. She must have narrated the episode to M, who has a few friends in the factory. We can safely guess that this must have reached VP’s ears.

While telling the above, H suddenly showed her mobile phone to me. I initially thought that  she is showing off her newly bought phone. She asked me to go to the messages folders and read them. I was hesitating. She herself opened the folder and made me read the messages. Shockingly, her mobile is full of lewd SMSes from CEO; some of them were indeed in bad taste!

She did complain about this to one of the HR managers, who himself got sacked in the meanwhile for harassing a female receptionist with suggestive email messages and salacious email forwards. So H is still contemplating whom to complain and take this further.

She did hint CEO that she would complain about it to Chairman. But he did not seem to be perturbed. In retaliation to her threat, he started dominating her even more by finding fault with her for nothing and shouting at her in front of others for feeble reasons.

H in the meanwhile managed to find some poise and was getting on with him. His SMS have not stopped yet though. When I asked her how long can she bear with this, she grinned and said that she has to bear it until she gets a better job.