The Door Keeper 2

The resting mind
was happy.
It was soaking
merrily in imagination.
To explain to itself
in its imagination
scenes to come
in the outside world
is its favourite game.
Without prior notice,
the mind’s climate
A small depression
was formed.
There was the danger
of its enlargement.
To turn towards
disastrous consequences,
changes came
into the screenplay.
Fear spread
and chemicals
started to secrete
from nerves.
I instructed the mind
to freeze the action
and stop making noises.
Take deep breaths,
the brain ordered.
I drove away
the stale breath
that lurked
inside the lungs
making the mind
to its command,
thrust in feelings of fear
and watched.
Fresh breath
filled in,
new breath
inhaled again,
the lungs acted
with alertness.
regular breathing,
I was listening
to the silent
beat of the heart.
I told the motionless mind
to start the thinking process
Scenes of the mind
and conversations
My observation continues.
I am observing
if tiny disturbances
which set of
the feeling of fear
in the mindspace
are forming anywhere.


Translated by Sri N Vatsa

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