The Monologue

Philosophers say that life operates at two levels, external and internal. Our internal world comprises of our thoughts, perceptions, turbulence, dreams, fears, mind’s dialogues etc. The external world makes up all things physical, titles, political power, possessions, wealth, designation etc

New age guys tell us that it is essentially our internal world that gets extended out as illusory things that we perceive as external to ourselves. One particular school of Buddhism principles states that our environment is part of us only. This means that it is our conscious thinking that constantly creates the external world we experience. There may be time delays between conscious thought and the unfolding reality, actually it does not matter in spiritual world (as the factor of time is non-existent and illusory).

If the above are true, does it mean that the three obstacles that I perceive also are of my making only? B or VP or CEO – are these and their behavior towards me are of my creation on a subtle level?. Have I attracted these people into my life in some unknown way and hence have they assumed the role of my colleagues? If so, these colleagues are needed to be present in my life at this particular point of time to fulfil some purpose (of which I may not be conscious now).

There is a second group who say that the external world operates separately and does not have linkage with the internal world. They further say that it does not matter how we live in the external world. We should live in both the worlds in independent way. While one may be pure and virtuous internally, he can be ruthless in the external world to serve his self-interests.

The three obstacles are my external world at this point of time. Should I spend my time plotting ways to remove these obstacles? This should logically mean that I should make CEO dependant on me, to indulge some power politics to get rid of VP (who according to my logical mind is not very useful to the organization and is wicked to me personally) and to expose the vulnerabilities of the Cartel. As a ruthlessly practical person, this should be fine.

But I shall be belying the first theory that the internal values and the external world should be balanced. According to this, any form of power politics is to opt for external control, which is more a fear-based reaction and not a Love based action. What should be the Love based action in dealing with the three obstacles?