Day Six

At last, I could meet up with the man I dreaded about very much – the colleague who is handling the existing customers, basing himself in the factory. Let us call him B for identification. B did not have two horns as I thought. No, not even long teeth, protruding the lips…or black face!….he looks normal…having a country charm about him. Shook hands with him, and he did not utter a single word…just smile that’s all….he seems to be a man of few words…

The Vice President was also there. This time he spoke animatedly, unlike in the first meeting when he sounded very reserved.

CEO was mentioning earlier that I will get a chance to say hello to the visiting customer from Europe. Like all other things, this time also he did not surprise me. I was neither called for the meeting and I did not know when did the visitor come, whom all did he meet with and what were discussed.

By 1 pm I was brooding if I should exit the cabin for going to lunch or not. I was hesitating because they might call me over the intercom. While I was being indecisive, suddenly the Vice President entered the room…saying goodbye. He informed that they are all going for lunch with the visitor. Now I too, could have mine at peace, without the nagging worry of being called while out on lunch.

I like this company…no pretensions…no intellectual talks…what you guess is what you get…I did not expect to be called and it happened exactly.

Day Four

Two things influenced me today – a factory and a mobile phone. One stimulated me positively and the other negatively. Let me start with the negative (So that I end on a positive note).

The Mobile phone issue continued today too. I went and asked the accountant-cum-finance manager-cum-administration manager, of our division if the CEO has discussed any thing about my mobile phone. The guy sincerely must have spoken to the CEO. Hesitantly, he came back to tell that the company can reimburse only up to Rs 5000 for a mobile phone. Welcome to the world of measured magnanimity! May be, it is a wise thought not to allocate big budget for an ordinary instrument of daily use. But I should not venture out  any where near colleges and educational institutions and compare my phone with the ones those of students loitering there.

Visited a flexible packaging factory with a colleague. It is a large factory…having well integrated facilities – art work designing, cylinder making, cylinder proof making, PET printing, pasting with metallised polyester or any other material, Poly extrusion, Pouching, Zip-pouching…..In one of the halls I saw more than 12 units of multi-colour PET printing machines working and churning out various types of PET Films of various well-known brands. It was majestic.The rhythmic sounds produced by various pouch forming machines working at the same time was mellifluous.

I guess the positive spirit may have nullified the negative mood. I was feeling neutral on my return from the factory visit. So neutral that, not doing any further official work did not bother me…No I did do one official work…that of attending to a call from the CEO over intercom, asking for some superfluous information and followed by vague instructions. I am not able to elaborate what he did tell me…because I do not remember it now.